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Milk Day Spa was established in leafy Glenmore Road, Paddington in 2004 designed to deliver an exceptional day spa experience to Sydney. In response to client demands, in 2009 we shifted our focus to where we excel – non invasive, results driven facial rejuvenation treatments.

In keeping with our focus to offer our clients the latest technology in clinical anti ageing procedures Milk Day Spa introduced Micro Hydra Brasion in 2011, a medical grade, non invasive therapy to deeply cleanse and hydrate the skin, offering visible results after just one treatment.

In addition, we moved forward and listed highly effective cosmeceutical peels and micro-needling and a range of cosmeceutical products. This has addressed anti ageing concerns and has allowed Milk to achieve fantastic results with the introduction of such innovative techniques. Our clients are witnessing visible results, and results are what Milk is all about.

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Our clients wanted a more natural alternative to radical surgical treatments so we introduced the latest European technology – a revolutionary photo modulation/LED light therapy treatment.

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Milk Day Spa is now known as Milk Face Place & Spa with the focus primarily on highly specialised and modern facials.  Located now in Woollahra, the high standard of service will continue and the treatments will stay current to the niche of the Beauty Industry.