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Benefits of Facials in Paddington

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Beauty spas are synonymous with relaxation and luxury, as you leave the cares of the world behind and enter a space of utter serenity. But there are many more advantages to spa treatments than just the relaxation benefits. Our facials in Paddington are a popular choice for many returning clients, offering so many benefits to your skin.

  1. Cleansing the skin: facials help to remove any toxics from your skin, opening your pores and removing the dead skin in the process. Every day we are subjected to toxics in our environment from pollution and dirt in the air. Facials are a great way to wipe the slate clean using exfoliation to achieve this.
  2. Learn about your skin type: a skilled beauty technician can assess your skin type and help you learn which products are best suited to your skin type. This is valuable information that will help you take care of your skin and keep it looking younger for years.
  3. Improved mood: it’s a given, you go into a spa for a facial and you are going to find yourself feeling much more relaxed and in a really good mood afterwards. Alleviate the stresses in your life and lie back and enjoy your treatment.
  4. Anti-ageing: regular facials promote cell turnover and boost collagen to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy for longer.

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