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How Soothing Massage Can Help Your Pregnancy

It’s Time to Put Your Feet Up

Paddington Pregnancy Massage

A Warm Organic Milk Foot Massage Before A Relaxing Pregnancy Massage, in Sydney

With the natural discomforts of pregnancy and the pressures of raising kids just around the corner, pregnancy entitles you to some ‘me time’. It is more than ever the time to take a deserved break and avoid stress. But being pregnant makes relaxation all that much harder to achieve.

Pregnancy Massages

Massages relieve both mental and physical tension. Pregnancy massages are designed specifically with pregnant women in mind. They target the areas most strained by pregnancy and help repair the muscle by relieving painful tension.

The most effective pregnancy massages start with a warm organic milk foot massage to help you embrace the relaxing mindset. Soothing long strokes are then used to improve circulation and reduce muscle tension caused by pregnancy.

Milk Day Spa has custom massage tables modelled exclusively for pregnancy massages, so you can enjoy your massage in comfort. Warm oils and soothing music are carefully selected to help you reach deep relaxation.

Long Term Benefits

Pregnancy massages help lower stress levels. This time off allows you to reset and cope more easily with daily stressors, keeping you healthy in mind and body. This helps your entire pregnancy go smoothly, and leaves you less stressed and better prepared for motherhood.

If you don’t already have regular massages, it could be the start of a healthy habit. Many people with busy lives find massages a great help in finding time to relax. Booking an appointment means you are committed to a certain amount of ‘me time’ and won’t let things get in the way.


Pregnancy massages help you experience the joys of pregnancy which are too easily lost to the stress of life. They also make fantastic gifts, and couples massages can be powerful bonding experiences. So take some time for yourself or a mother-to-be you know with a pregnancy massage.

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