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Who can benefit from skin needling in Sydney

Skin needling in Sydney Skin needling is a relatively new treatment. It can be used on the face, neck, decolletage and hands. A special instrument with tiny needles from less than 2mm in length is used to create microscopic punctures in the skin. This promotes the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. But what sort of skin conditions can skin needling Sydney treat? Scarring Skin needling has a fantastic effect of fading and smoothing the appearance of scarring. Common types of scarring needling can treat include: Acne scarring Chicken pox scarring Surgical scars People who have had skin needling to treat scarring will usually need 5-6 treatments. The results will appear gradually, and include a tightening and smoothing of the scarred area. Pigmentation will also fade. Fine lines and enlarged pores Skin needling can also help correct a range of other skin complaints. It can help reduce the... Read More

What we offer at Milk Day Spa Paddington

Many of our regular clients come in for their particular treatment. But did you know that at Milk Day Spa Paddington, we actually offer a huge range of treatments? Let’s take a look at our main areas of focus. Skin Clinic In the skin clinic range of services, we focus on intensive treatments that will yield impressive and long-lasting results. These treatments include LED therapy, microhydrabrasion, peeling and resurfacing treatments, and skin needling. These can often be incorporated into another area such as a facial or a package. Face Place In this area of Milk Day Spa, we focus on the restorative power of the facial. We range from the classic style of facial, to cutting edge facial treatments. Our facial menu includes Oxygenating Power Facial, Milk moisture facial, Milk Detox Facial, Vitamin C Ultimate Facial, Peptide + LED facial, Facial rejuvenation. Body & Soul In this section, we focus... Read More

What’s different about pregnancy massage in Sydney

  Many clients enjoy a relaxing massage. There is nothing better than having your worries melt away and muscle tension resolved. But many people feel that once they become pregnant, it’s unsafe to get a massage. That’s where pregnancy massage Sydney comes in. Here are the main differences between a regular massage and a pregnancy, or prenatal massage. Position of client During a regular massage, the client lies face-down on the massage table, so the therapist can focus on the back and shoulders. During a pregnancy massage, the client will enjoy a special massage table where there is a hole cut out for the bump. This is to avoid any unnecessary pressure on the abdomen and uterine muscles. A pregnancy massage may be one of the few times a pregnant woman will get to enjoy lying on her stomach! Areas of concern Pregnant women have differing areas of soreness to... Read More

Why to start getting facials in Sydney

  What’s not to love about a facial? We don’t think you need an excuse at all to get one. But here are some reasons which might convince you to come in for one of the best facials Sydney has to offer. Better skin This one seems pretty obvious, but getting a facial will really improve the look and feel of your skin. A skilled facialist will be able to target treatments and techniques to work on specific skin concerns. Come in about a week before a big event for a fresh glow. Or line up regular appointments for skin that will continue to get better and better over time. Time out Many of our clients like to come in for a facial just for the time away from their busy lives. We all have work and family commitments, and getting a facial is a precious window of time where... Read More

What to expect from the best facials in Sydney

What makes the best facials in Sydney Having a facial can be a wonderful experience, a few hours of pampering where you get to lie back and relax. However, a bad facial can be really bad: uncomfortable, boring, even painful! So how do you tell a bad facial from a good one? Let’s look at what makes Milk Day Spa treatments the best facials in Sydney. Qualified staff We believe that to get the best facials in Sydney, you need to have the best therapists delivering them. Our staff are highly trained to tailor the best treatments for your skin type. We work confidently and calmly. You’ll be put at ease as you are guided through the relaxing and purifying elements of the facial. Maximising the senses A good facial will include an exfoliation or facial massage that will feel pleasant. The best facials in Sydney will make sure all... Read More
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