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Day Spa Paddington

Facial Rejuvenation

Milk Day Spa Paddington, offers high performance Facial Treatments that are non invasive, painfree and highly results driven.Our clients wanted a natural alternative to radical surgery and botox, we thereforeintroduced clinical treatments within a Day Spa enviroment. We are constantly researching new and innovative therapies to provide our clients with the latestfacial rejuvenation modalities.

LED Light Therapy for facial rejuvenation and anti ageing
Microhydrabrasion fora deeper, more effective cleanse and exfoliation which can penetrate further than your beauty therapist can.
Clinical Peeling Systems, the next -generation clinical treatment system to invigorate sun damaged skin, assist with the treatment of pigmentation, and helps treat acne. Peel treatments at Milk Day Spa are customised to each clients needs in the clinic.

A course of Peels, refreshes cell turnover rate and creates a glowing, youthful skintone. You will see great results with your skin peel treatments and all performed without downtime.

We treat a range of Skin Concerns such as:

Aging/damaged skin
Stressed/environmentally damaged skin
Sun damage
Fine lines, crows feet, wrinkles