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Facials For Relaxation

Clear Your Skin & Your Mind

Facial Treatments in Paddington

Facials Help You Cleanse And Relax

Facials are well known for their benefits to skin. Regular facial treatments rejuvenate your skin, keeping it smooth, elastic, and reduce blemishes. Facials are the number one treatment for repairing skin and maintaining a healthy, fresh glow. But it is not just the skin clearing action of the facial itself that keeps you looking young. Facials are relaxing ‘me time’ moments that help destress and clear your mind. Your body responds to stress like an emergency situation. Hormones and sweat production are increased and skin health is not a priority. Relaxing facials help you reset and relieve stress, clearing up your skin and mind. For help choosing the right facial treatment for you, read this post.

Pair With A Massage For Deeper Relaxation

The relaxing time to yourself that Sydney’s best facials offer is one of the most important aspects of a facial. You can benefit further from this relaxation by extending your day spa visit with a relaxing massage. We offer a full range of massage treatment, each with their own benefits. For the deepest relaxation we recommend our Muscle Melt treatment. To learn more about what makes this treatment so relaxing, continue reading here

Free Microhydrabrasion Sydney

Milk Day Spa wants you to enjoy a clearer mind and clearer skin. With every facial treatment we incorporate a free microhydrabrasion. This is the ultimate skin rejuvenation treatment. To learn more about the benefits of microdermabrasion, read this article.


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