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Facials in Sydney

Skin FacialsPerhaps it’s your first time getting a facial or you haven’t been in for one in a while. There are so many benefits to getting facials in Sydney, but sometimes it can also be helpful to know exactly what to expect when you go for one.

What’s Involved In A Facial?

  1. You will get dressed in a plush robe. When you step into a facial, you will be taken to a private room, where you will be provided with a plush robe. You end up with oils, creams, etc rubbed all over you, so it is best done without your normal clothes on. You can of course choose how comfortable you are and how far you want to go. You will be provided with towels and other covers, so at no point will you be exposed. 
  2. Your skin will be tested. While you have a form to fill out whether your skin is oily and dry and any conditions you may have, many facial places have testing machines that can tell how much moisture there is in your skin and how hydrated it is. You are likely to be told you skin is dehydrated – this is completely normal. The point of the facial is to find the right products that can add that moisture back into your skin. Milk Day Spa know just how unique your skin is and they will work with you to make sure you are given the best treatment.
  3. You will not leave glowing. your hair will have been pinned up and back for the entire appointment, your skin will have had multiple products rubbed in and rinsed off, which may leave your skin a bit raw and sensitive afterwards.

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