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hot stone massage in Paddington

Hot stone massage in Paddington

At Milk Day Spa, our Indigenous Purifying Hot Stone Massage in Paddington is a perennial favourite. Book your appointment today for this indulgent experience.

Our hot stone massage in Paddington is far more than a traditional massage; it’s an experience.

The treatment begins with a consultation, where we identify any particular areas of concern. Whether it be a sore back or aching shoulders, we’ll determine which parts of your body are under stress so that we can work to rectify the issue.

We use a combination of warm oils and hot stones to effectively break down any tension or stress within your muscles, leaving them supple and relaxed.

During this hot stone massage in Paddington, hot stones will be worked across your body’s pressure points. At Milk Day Spa, we blend aromatic oils on the day of your appointment, ensuring they are fresh. We use these oils throughout your massage, to not only enhance the physical benefits but also to relax the mind. These oils are known to boost one’s mood, and they’ll help to ensure you are completely relaxed during your massage.

The practice can be traced back to the dawn of time, as this form of healing has been used by ancient cultures. Those who practised it believed that the hot stones worked to soothe the mind, body and spirit – we agree!

You will feel the benefits of our hot stone massage in Paddington for days.

This massage option is a particularly beneficial way to detoxify the body, and it can work to eliminate toxins. In this way, our signature hot stone massage is an effective treatment for mind, body and soul. It is the ultimate way to relax and unwind.

To book your appointment for an indulgent hot stone massage, contact the team at Milk Day Spa today.

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