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How An Ancient Massage Technique Releives The Stress Of Modern Life

Modern Life Can Be Stressful

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Warming Muscles Makes Them Easier To Stimulate With Gentle Techniques

Modern life has a faster pace than ever, with everything on demand and instant. With more to juggle, business, home, and social life is more stressful than it’s ever been in history. The need to take some time out for yourself to destress and reset is also at a peak. Unfortunately, people tend to sacrifice their own time to get other things done. This means stress continues to build and build, reducing overall productivity. It is essential to set aside regular sessions to alleviate stress and get back to your busy schedule more relaxed, happier, and ultimately more productive.

How To Secure Time To Destress

Setting time aside to destress is easy to say and hard to do. The problem is, it is too easy to postpone your ‘me time’ again and again until there is no time left in the day and you still haven’t taken the time to relax. Booking a hot stone massage solves this problem. With a scheduled appointment, your destress time is locked in. You are far less likely to delay or cancel your relaxation session and others are more likely to respect your need to be at an appointment on time.

Why Hot Stone Massage?

Hot stone massages are an ancient massage technique. Chinese therapists have been using this technique for over 2,000 years as a way to relax muscles so gentle motions could massage deep muscles that usually require forceful techniques. Muscles were relaxed by the deep stimulation while the mind was relaxed by gentle motions, making it the most holistic relaxation technique.

The Romans and Greeks also used warmed stones around this time period to provide relaxation for soldiers, who were exposed to high levels of performance reducing stress. Western therapists discovered the merits of hot stone massage in 1993 and it rapidly became the technique of choice for relaxing massages. To learn more about the benefits of hot stone massage, continue reading here.

Milk Day Spa are hot stone massage specialists in Sydney. They provide expert hot stone massage in a relaxing setting, allowing you to experience the deepest levels of relaxation offered by the popular therapy. Life in Sydney can be hectic. For a break from stress, book a hot stone massage on (02) 9331 7933.

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