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How To Have A Facial And Be A Man

The Top Two Problems

Male Day Spa Paddington

A Man Getting A Facial In Paddington

There are two major difficulties a man faces when getting facial treatments at a day spa.

The First Time

The first difficulty is booking your first facial. It takes a real man to ignore his inner Chuck Norris and walk into a day spa with the intention of getting himself a facial and not just a gift voucher for his girlfriend, mother, or the lady who walks his manly British Bulldog.

Every Other Time

The next difficulty is trying not to get more than one facial a week. A facial is an eternal moment of bliss. First there is calming music, then pleasant yet subtle scents, and the rest is harder to describe. Somewhere between deep sleep and sharp awareness. This can quickly go from an occasional treat to a necessary routine.

The Top Two Benefits

Clarity of Mind

A facial is designed to induce full relaxation and clarify consciousness. It removes distractions and turns off the nagging thoughts of deadlines and responsibilities. A facial lets you experience pure being. It’s hard to tell if an hour has passed, or several days.

Men’s facials help you clear your mind and reset. After a facial you feel well rested and ready to get back to being a manly man. Many men come back for regular facials because they perform better at work, sport, and everything else a man does after getting a facial.

Clarity of Skin

Of course, a facial isn’t just a relaxation treatment. It also improves skin quality. Healthier skin helps you feel more lively. A professional day spa will analyse your skin and tailor the treatment to your skin’s condition. You can still be ruggedly handsome, only a little less rugged and a little more handsome.

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