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Why Muscle Melt Is Paddington’s The Most Relaxing Massage

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Basalt Stones Are A warm, Smooth Extension Of The Massage Therapist’s Hands

Take some time out of your day, just for you. With a busy schedule, it can be difficult to take some time to pause what you’re doing and clear your mind. Booking a Muscle Melt treatment sets a definite time in your calendar for relaxation. This in itself is one of the most important aspects of a Muscle Melt treatment in helping you relax. Make a small commitment to yourself, and book some ‘me time’.

Our Exclusive Muscle Melt

Muscle Melt is an exclusive treatment designed by Milk Day Spa. We combined the best elements of a facial and hot stone massage for a soothing, refreshing treatment. A Muscle Melt session begins with a body scrub, removing dry and dead skin and leaving your skin cleaner and revitalised. Next, warmed basalt stones are carefully placed for deep muscle relaxation. This allows our therapists to gently manipulate deep tissue usually only reached with vigorous techniques. You can read more about the benefits of hot stone massage here.

Lasting Calm

The combined effects of the scrub and deep muscle massage leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed long after your treatment. Your cleaner, clearer skin will feel lighter and fresher. Your muscles will feel more relaxed, holding less tension. This allows you to continue feeling calm and relaxed until your next treatment.


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