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Why You Should Pick A Day Spa That Uses Basalt Stones

Paddington Hot Stone Massages

Basalt Stones Are A warm, Smooth Extension Of The Massage Therapist’s Hands

Hot stone massages have many benefits, which you can read more about here. These benefits all rely on using the right tools. For hot stone massages, basalt stones are essential to achieving the relaxing effects of a hot stone massage.

High Iron Content

Basalt stones are volcanic rocks. They have a high iron content, meaning they hold heat constantly over a long massage. The heat of basalt stones is an essential part of hot stone massages, as it warms the muscles. Warmer muscles are looser and easier to massage effectively with less force. Basalt hot stone massages provide deep muscle therapy with a less strenuous technique, because their high iron content allows long-term heat retention.

River Smoothed Surfaces

Basalt stone is found in many natural formations across the world, especially mountains. Basalt has even been found on the surface of the moon. But not all basalt is appropriate for hot stone massages. The best basalt stone for massage therapy is collected from river beds. The flowing water smooths these stones over thousands of years. The smoothness of the rock is important to a relaxing, soothing massage.

A Mark Of Quality

The calming warmth of basalt stones and non-strenuous techniques make hot stone massages one of the most relaxing therapies available. But it is important to find a day spa that uses only quality basalt stones. Not only is this material vital to the massage itself, a day spa that uses premium materials is likely to provide a better service all round. Proper technique and well thought out ambience, with calming music and relaxing aromas, are essential to a complete experience.


Milk Day Spa in Paddington provide Sydney’s highest standard of hot stone massage, using only the best basalt stones. Book online or call Milk Day Spa on (02) 9331 7933.

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