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The newest way to ensure that you have the smoothest, most clean skin possible is with Microhydrabrasion. Also known as Microderm it is effective for addressing concerns such as anti-ageing, Hyperpigmentation and scarring. Microhydrabrasion is a form of deep exfoliation. By removing the top layers of skin we can reduce the appearance of pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles and acne scarring. The treatment leaves your skin clean, smooth and radiant as well as allowing skin care products like serums, moisturisers or even our professional peels to penetrate deeper into the skin. Most importantly a professional treatment mask will be utalised in your treatment for instant, stronger results that you simply can not achieve at home.

How is Microhydrabrasion performed?

The treatment commences with a thorough skin analysis, allowing your Milk Therapist to check for contraindications and choose the correct products for your specific skin type. After a double cleanse the machine is used. The two part system firstly deeply exfoliates then cleans the skin by flushing the pores with purified water. The treatment is pain free, gently and even relaxing. Following the treatment Sunscreen is applied and is advised to be worn in the ensuing days when exposing the skin to the sun.

What should I expect after a Microhydrabrasion treatment at Milk?

Your skin will have a fresh glow after just one treatment, as well as diminished fine lines. Skin will look and feel amazingly light, clean and glowing. Microhydrabrasion at Milk is what we call an instant treatment….which means your skin looks better immediately…and gets even better over the following days.

What conditions does Microhydrabrasion treat?

Sun induced pigmentation, melisma, age spots. Dull stressed skin. White heads and blackheads. Fine lines and minor wrinkles. Acne and blemishes. Enlarged/clogged/ open pores. Flaking and dry skin Excessive oiliness. Scar and callus reduction

** Everyone can have this advanced clinical treatment under the watchful eye of a trained Milk Professional