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Myths about getting a facial in Paddington

facial paddingtonFacial Paddington – busting the myths

Facials are one of the most common treatments in the beauty industry. However, there are still a surprising amount of myths surrounding them! Let’s look at some of the most common myths:

Myth: It will hurt

This is probably the most damaging myth, because it actually stops people from coming in to get a facial. The truth is, a facial should never hurt. If your facial involves extractions, this is not usually the most relaxing part of the experience. But an experienced technician will never perform extractions that will hurt. Gentle pressure should be all that is needed.

Myth: You can get the same at home for much cheaper

While at home skin masks and treatments can be fun on a night in, they don’t compare to a professional facial. Firstly, a specialist skin clinic will use products that are much stronger and more targeting than those that are generally available to the public. A skin technician has trained specifically to recognise your skin issues and provide targeted facials to treat them.

Myth: You only need one facial to fix your skin

A facial will do wonders for any skin type, but a one-off treatment isn’t going to work miracles. Facials work best if they are part of a regular regime. Over several facials, you can expect to see consistent results for dry skin, acne, ageing skin and a range of other complaints. We recommend scheduling a few in advance, around any big events you have coming up.

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