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Peeling + Resurfacing Treatments

pumpkin_peel At Milk Face Place & Spa we offer medical grade facial peels to target a variety of skin conditions such as pigmentation, acne, acne scaring, rosacea, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles.
The Peels offered are an excellent non invasive way to improve your skin and you will see and feel results immediately.All Peels used at Milk Face Place & Spa are derived from natural products, such as plants, milk, etc. and therefore contain no harsh chemicals or preservatives that can cause irritation, reactions or downtime.

A peel is a clinical solution that is applied to the skin. It dissolves the outermost layer of skin cells, to reveal the fresher, younger layer below the dermis. Peels are very effective in treating a large range of skin concerns such as aging, sun damage, acne, mild scarring, improving skin brightness, and evening skin tone.

Peels offered at Milk Face Place & Spa are non invasive, with no downtime. Often referred to as the “Lunchtime” Peel. Clients can have a peel and return to work and your normal activities.

Preparing for treatment

Most skin types will benefit from clinical peels, your Milk Facialist will thoroughly consult with you to advise the most suitable Peel/Resurfacer treatment on the day of your treatment. If you’re taking acne medication, Retin-A or Accutane, please advise your MilkFacialist.

What to expect during a clinical peel

The skin is cleansed and a prep solution will be applied to remove surface oils and allow the peel to penetrate the skin evenly. Any sensitive areas that cannot be treated will be protected with a thin film of petroleum jelly. One or more professional mixtures will be applied, such as glycolic acid (from sugar cane), salicylic acid (wintergreen—good for acne), lactic acid (from milk). The peel will be applied in 1–3 layers, depending on the depth required. The acids react with the skinallowing fresh skin to regenerate and emerge. A tingling, or hot sensation is normal. Most peels remain on the skin only a few minutes, and are closely watched by your MilkFacialist. A fan may help you stay more comfortable. After some peels, a neutralizing solution is applied to stop the peel developing.

After the peel

After most peels, the skin may be pink to slightly flushed, and look shiny and tight. At Milk we always apply sunscreen to your skin before leaving our Spa …It is vital to apply sunscreen of SFP 30 or greater to the skin for the next 48 hours, minimum. You must also stay out of the sun, as your skin will be very sensitive to UV rays and could be damaged by sun exposure. Sun-damaged areas of your skin will appear darker at first, then will lighten. This is normal. For maximum results, a series of peels is usually recommended, and may be necessary for treating challenging issues such as hyper-pigmentation.

Home care after a peel

Your Milk Facialist willprescribe suitable products to use for the week or two following your peel. These will soothe,nourish and assist with skin renewal.

Current Peel/Resurfacing treatments available at Milk: