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Regular SkinCare V Cosmeceutical SkinCare Products

SkinCare Products

Regular SkinCare V Cosmeceutical SkinCare Products

Regular SkinCare Products V Cosmeceutical SkinCare Products Regular skincare products can be purchased without being prescribed by your dermal professional, they do not have the same amount of active ingredients that Cosmeceuticals have. They are not allowed to. Cosmeceuticals are pharmaceutical grade products that are only available through licensed skin care clinics. Cosmeceuticals contain a higher amount of active ingredients than you could purchase regular skincare products and they penetrate deeper into the skin ….the Dermis to be precise. Why are active ingredients important? These are the ingredients that MAKE a change in the skin.

Some of the conditions or concerns that most consumers are trying to correct: hyperpigmentation, melasma, fine lines and wrinkles, hydration, sun sports etc. So, regular skincare products ONLY work with the outer most layer of the skin. This is the skin you see when looking in the mirror. So when you use regular skincare products it just sits on the surface of the skin. It will not penetrate any deeper!! So, think of all the money spent over the years on products that just work on the surface. Regular skincare products have so many fillers, parabens, dyes, frangrance etc and they are most likely watered down. Look at what your product most consists of. Now, when you use Cosmeceuticals they actually penetrate through the Epidermis, all the way to the Dermis where your collagen, elastin and we skin cells reside.

This is what we want to target with skin care products!!! We want to get rid of any unhealthy skin cells that cause pigmentation problems or uneven skin texture. You want to BOOST collagen, elastin and speed up cell turnover; this is what makes healthy skin. When our collagen and elastin are broken down we will not have that plump looking skin. It is very hard to replace collagen and elastin after it’s been damaged. This is why you should be using a cosmeceutical on a daily basis, so you can preserve and protect what you have!!! One of the BIGGEST reasons consumers purchase regular skincare products is because they think they cannot afford medical grade cosmeceuticals. This is not true.

Most regular skincare products you get from the department store, supermarket, cosmetic sales consultant or online are often the same price or more expensive. You end up using more of the product and replacing it sooner. Which means more $$$$. Also, cosmeceutical are more affordable because they have a higher concentration of active quality ingredients, they last longer because you do not use as much. Plus, they have been specifically prescribed for your skin. They will be reviewed by your Professional Facialist as your skin progresses with regular Facial treatments. So does this mean regular skincare products do not work? If you have never used a skincare regime before…maybe but only with a minimal result. They will only work superficially.

And this is where you end up with multiple skincare products that you get tired of because they do not work…and you throw them in a drawer …waste of money!! Full range of professional cosmeceuticals are available at Milk Face Place in Paddington.

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