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Skin Needling in Sydney

Skin Needling in SydneyWhat is skin needling?

Skin needling has a number of different names that it is known by in the industry, such as dermarolling, collagen induction therapy, or dry tattooing. It essentially involves the use of skin rollers equipped with tiny steel needle that is applied to the skin in a crisscross motion. The idea of the treatment is stimulate collagen to promote the healing of scars or stretch marks.

Benefits of skin needling

There are many different benefits that skin needling has to offer. First of all, skin needling is safer than many of the other treatments on the market, without harming the skin in the same way. The actual process of skin needling is also a lot less painful that other methods, with fewer side effects to be experienced. One of the main benefits of skin needling is that it is suitable for all skin types whether you have sensitive skin or not, and it can be carried out on all areas of the face. The treatment is also cost-effective and can be carried out on areas of the face, such as under the eyes, that other treatments won’t reach.

What is skin needling used for?

  • Reducing scars
  • Reducing stretch marks
  • Reducing fine lines
  • Tightening your skin

Try skin needling

If you are looking to try skin needling in Sydney, then Milk Day Spa can help you out. Give them a call and book an appointment with one of their trained professionals and experience the full benefits of skin needling today. Call now.

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