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Steps of facials Sydney customers can enjoy

Facial Sydney: the basic stepsfacials sydney

Many of us have enjoyed the pampering of having facials Sydney or anywhere in Australia. But while you are enjoying having lovely smelling creams and masks applied to your face, your facial therapist is busy going through a series of important steps, to ensure your face comes out looking its best:

1: Consultation.

Your therapist will ask you a series of questions which will determine the best products and treatments to use on your face.

2: Cleansing.

After you’re prepared, your therapist will thoroughly cleanse your skin. At this point they may also analyse your skin to further assess what treatments to use on your skin type.

3: Steam.

This common step is where warm steam is directed at your face. This prepares and softens your skin for treatments, and opens up your pores so that impurities can be removed.

4: Exfoliation.

This will depend on your skin type, but most facials will involve some type of exfoliant, removing dead skin and leaving the face looking polished and fresh.

5: Extractions.

If your skin is prone to blemishes, these may be carefully extracted to purify the skin.

6: Massage.

This is the part where you will probably fall asleep!

7: Mask or treatment.

Depending on the therapist’s plan for your facial, a mask aimed to assist your skin type will be applied.

8: Final application.

This last step will involve an application of a moisturiser, serum and/or sunscreen.

The team at Milk Day Spa are highly trained in these steps, and many more facial options and treatments, tailored perfectly to your individual needs.

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