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best microhydrabrasion in Paddington

The best microhydrabrasion in Paddington

Milk Day Spa offers the best microhydrabrasion in Paddington. This revolutionary treatment combats lines, wrinkles, age spots, and even scarring.

What can you expect from the best microhydrabrasion in Paddington?

You might have heard of microhydrabrasion being referred to as ‘microderm’. Essentially, it is a type of exfoliation. It is by far one of the best treatments to improve your skin.

There are many benefits that you can expect from the best microhydrabrasion in Paddington.

First and foremost, microhydrabrasion is an excellent anti-aging treatment. As the years go by, lines and wrinkles appear. You might also have age spots (technically referred to as superficial hyper pigmentation). These signs of aging are effectively treated at Milk Day Spa, utilising the best microhydrabrasion in Paddington.

Microhydrabrasion is a great option for evening out the texture of your skin. Any areas where the skin is coarse are gently smoothed out. This will dramatically improve the appearance of your skin.

Scars are something that affect many of us. Microhydrabrasion can lessen the appearance of scarring. This is important not just for aesthetic reasons, but to boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Increase the effectiveness of serums, moisturisers and chemical peels with the best microhydrabrasion in Paddington.

The micohydrabrasion treatments at Milk Day Spa act like a powerful exfoliator. The outer layers of your skin are gently removed. This is what lessens the appearance of aging, scarring, and coarse skin. But exfoliation is great for another reason…

By removing the outer layers of skin, microhydrabrasion allows skin care products to reach the deeper layers of your skin. In other words, serums and moisturisers can penetrate deeper into your skin and not just work on a superficial layer. This means that these products – and even chemical peels – will work more effectively.

To find out more about the best microhydrabrasion in Paddington, contact Milk Day Spa.

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