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Things a men’s facial in Paddington will fix

Gender differences

Most of us would know women who get regular facials, and others who get one occasionally as a treat, or just when they want to relax. But you’d be hard pressed to find many men who admit to getting a facial. There is a range of skin concerns that are more prominent in the male gender. Let’s look at the most common skin problems that a men’s facial Paddington can solve.

Razor burn

The most common skin problem men face is razor burn. Naturally, as women don’t shave their faces, they aren’t faced with it. Shaving multiple times per week can cause irritation, dryness and ingrown hairs. A facial will soothe the skin, as well as exfoliate to remove pesky ingrown hairs.

Sun damage

Men who particularly like sports or other outdoor activities can suffer from the effects of the sun at a young age. Age spots and wrinkles are the most common complaints. A qualified skincare specialist can tailor a men’s facial to target these problems, and outline a simple skincare regime to prevent further sun damage.

Clogged pores

Due to higher testosterone levels, men’s skin produces more oil than women’s. Excess oil can cause blocked pores, resulting in acne and scarring. During a facial, blocked pores will be deep cleaned, and pores will be minimised, resulting in much clearer skin.

If these complaints sound familiar to you, get in touch with the dedicated team at Milk Day Spa to book a relaxing men’s facial and get your skin sorted.

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