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Pregnancy Massage in Paddington

What’s different about pregnancy massage in Sydney


pregnancy massage sydneyMany clients enjoy a relaxing massage. There is nothing better than having your worries melt away and muscle tension resolved. But many people feel that once they become pregnant, it’s unsafe to get a massage. That’s where pregnancy massage Sydney comes in. Here are the main differences between a regular massage and a pregnancy, or prenatal massage.

Position of client

During a regular massage, the client lies face-down on the massage table, so the therapist can focus on the back and shoulders. During a pregnancy massage, the client will enjoy a special massage table where there is a hole cut out for the bump. This is to avoid any unnecessary pressure on the abdomen and uterine muscles. A pregnancy massage may be one of the few times a pregnant woman will get to enjoy lying on her stomach!

Areas of concern

Pregnant women have differing areas of soreness to a regular client. Lower back and hip pain are more common, thanks to the extra weight carried by the baby bump. The therapist will also avoid certain pressure points which can be more sensitive or painful during pregnancy. The focus is on gently relieving tension, while maximising relaxation, ensuring mum and bub are completely at ease.

In good hands

Here at Milk Day Spa, we are experts in pregnancy massage. We believe that just because you are pregnant, doesn’t mean you should stop getting massages. If anything, now is the time to start!


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