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Which Facial Treatment is Right for You?

Types of Facial Treatments in Sydney

Facial Treatments in Paddington

One of Many Relaxing Facial Treatments

There are many types of facial treatments. The best facials in Paddington include:

  • Oxygenating Power Facials
  • Milk Moisture Facials
  • Milk Detox Facials
  • Vitamin C Ultimate Facials
  • Peptide and LED Facials

Each has its own benefits. So how do you know what facial treatment is right for you?

Big Event Coming Up

If you have a special event coming up and want to give your skin a boost, an oxygenating power facial is the perfect choice. This facial treatment will have your skin fresh and radiant for the big event.

Dry or Delicate Skin

If you have dry skin, a milk moisture facial is the best facial treatment for you. This treatment maximises skin hydration. It’s a gentle method, appropriate for all skin types – even the most sensitive.

Congested Skin

Pores feeling clogged? A milk detox facial can purify skin and clear up breakouts. This is the best treatment to achieve radiant, oil free skin.

Skin Tone, Dryness, and Broken Capillaries

Vitamin C Ultimate Facials treat:

  • Broken capillaries
  • Dryness & dehydration
  • Hyperpigmentation (brown spots)
  • Tone and elasticity

This is the ultimate facial treatment to improve skin quality.

Anti-Aging Rejuvenation

For easy and significant skin restoration, a Peptide and LED Facial is the best treatment. This facial is designed to minimise and reverse the effects of aging and damage from the elements.

All of these facial treatments are available at Milk Day Spa, in Paddington. To book your facial treatment call 02 9331 7933.

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