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Why have LED Light Therapy @ Milk?

This feedback was sent by a very happy client, please enjoy…………

Dear Milk,


The reason I initially decided to try using light therapy was due the redness that I got over my nose and on my cheeks.  It was beginning to embarrass me as make-up couldn’t hide it, and it made me look as if I had bad skin, when in actual fact I didn’t.  It was just red.  I had already been receiving IPL treatments for reducing redness, but they were painful and the result was hardly even noticeable.  So when I heard that light therapy was non invasive, I thought why not.

My first session was 30 mins under the blue light.  And within 24 hours my skin was relaxed and much clearer.  Also, things that would normally trigger my redness (hot showere, change in temperature, blushing etc). were failing to prove themselves apparent.  I was overjoyed.  The second session was even more of a cusses, as I had a few pimples at the time, and it helped clear these up too.  Again, the visible signs of the redness were reduced even further, and even friends and family were commenting on how good my skin looked.  I have done four sessions to date now and my skin has never looked better.  I highly recommend this treatment as it actually works, is painless and really relaxing at the same time….regards…

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