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Why Microhydrabrasion Is The Ultimate Skin Rejuvination Treatment

What Does Microhydrabrasion Treat?

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A Sydney Woman Undergoing Microhydrabrasion Treatment

Microhydrabrasion is a surprisingly effective rejuvenation treatment. It is effective from the first treatment and helps reduce an impressive range of the effects of aging. Microderms treat:

  • Wrinkles
  • Sun-induced pigmentation, melasma, and age spots
  • Scars and calluses
  • Whiteheads, blackheads, and enlarged/clogged pores
  • Excessive oiliness
  • Flaking and dry skin

This makes microhydrabrasion one of the most powerful and diverse anti-aging treatments.

What Makes Microhydrabrasion Better Than The Rest?

Compared to alternative treatments, microderms are a more holistic treatment. They cover a wider range of the negative effects of aging on skin. With microderms, you can see better results in just one treatment than from a series of alternative treatments.

Unlike other microderms, microhydrabrasion uses a diamond head combined with water cleansing and hydrating aloe vera. This not only makes it more effective than other treatments, it is also less harsh. The diamond tip allows better results in comfort, with aloe vera providing instant cooling and soothing.

With microhydrabrasion, you get results sooner. Avoid multiple sessions of various treatments and get on with life, happy in your own skin.

The Best Microhydrabrasion in Sydney

Microhydrabrasion is an advanced technique. It is essential to have your microderm performed by a trained professional who upholds the highest standards and uses only premium equipment. Milk Day Spa is a premier day spa, providing the highest quality anti-aging treatments in Paddington. Book online or call (02) 9331 7933 to make an appointment with the rejuvenation specialists.

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